KoukouStudios is a small internet-based game development studio. We started back at 2012 as a group of hobbyists coming from the game modding scene and it’s been an amazing ride since. Faber Interactive is our own publishing company based in The Netherlands making us completely independent.

In 2016 we released LETHE, a first person adventure game with survival horror elements, and we’re currently working on our second (still unannounced) title.

We focus on user experience, atmosphere and sound, while keeping high production values and taking a player-centric approach. We strive to create games that are immersive and challenging, but more importantly games that we ourselves want to play.

We owe a big thanks to our community for joining us on this journey, and for making this possible for us.

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Unannounced Game

LETHE: Episode One

LETHE is a first person adventure game with survival horror elements. Explore an atmospheric and frightening world and uncover the dark secrets of your origins.

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