Lethe - Episode One


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Lethe - Episode One




Faber Interactive

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August 1st 2016

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  • Game Description

    Lethe is a first person adventure with survival horror elements. Explore an atmospheric and frightening world and uncover the dark secrets of your origins.


    Crushed under the debts of his recently deceased step-father, Robert Dawn, a journalist with an unremarkable career, decides to hunt down his origins. Everything points to a quiet mining settlement. Shortly after his arrival, Robert comes into contact with an unknown substance and develops psychokinetic abilities that feed on his life energy. As tension rises, he is faced with another, even darker threat, quickly turning the trip into a terrifying battle for survival.


    • Stealth Gameplay: Run or hide to survive.
    • Psychokinesis: Manipulate the environment and use it in your aid. But be careful! Your newly gained abilities can only affect inorganic objects.
    • Quality Graphics: Immerse yourself in a highly detailed and horrifying world.
    • Story: Lethe isn't your typical adventure game. Learning the story behind the places you'll visit, is entirely up to you.


    Each Episode is considered to be a stand-alone experience. Any future Episodes will expand upon Lethe's lore and backstory, but not necessarily the same protagonist's story.

    Project History

    It all started as a hobby back somewhere in early 2011, when KoukouStudios' founder John E. Koukourakis was still very active in the modding scene. He had some new ideas, paving the way for a different experience.

    Now there was this game with supernatural powers that employed physics, unlike the action-packed games from that period. But it took until the end of 2012 when Rick Faber joined the team, for the project to take traction and many hours were spend trying to mold the basic prototype into proper gameplay. And after all that time the game had evolved into something bigger and more fun to play.

    When the Reveal trailer was released back in 2014 the team was quite surprised with the positive response, which made them double their efforts to create a full commercial release that was originally planned for 2015.

    Fast-forward to 2016. After overcoming all kinds of roadblocks, including many failed Publisher-talks, the team finally managed to create the game they had set out to make. Lethe - Episode One is published by Faber Interactive, a publishing company from KoukouStudios' co-founder Rick Faber and will be released on August 1st 2016.


    Lethe - Psychokinesis Trailer (2016)

    Download as .wmv

    Early Development Videos (2014)


    About the Developer


    Currently counting five core members, KoukouStudios is an independent video game development company.

    Faber Interactive

    Faber Interactive is a publishing company from KoukouStudios' co-founder Rick Faber.

    Team & Repeating Collaborators

  • John E. Koukourakis
  • Concept Art, Writing & Story, Programming, Lighting & Shaders, Level Deisgn, Gameplay Design, Environment Design, Additional Sound Design.

  • Rick Faber
  • Writing & Story, Shaders, Character Art, Level Deisgn, Gameplay Design, Environment Art, User Interface, Programming.

  • Dimitris Chrysanthakopoulos
  • Character Animation, Writing & Story, Additional Environment Art.

  • Dimitris Dandolos
  • Sound Design.

  • Panos Stefanou
  • Sound Design.

  • Stavros Makrozachopoulos
  • Character Art.

  • Jeremiah Pena
  • Original Soundtrack.


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